Extending uCommerce – Adding Custom Data

Custom data can be stored in uCommerce using Fluent NHibernate mappings.

Following things are required while adding custom data –

  • An entity class
  • A table to store the data in the database
  • A map to let uCommerce know how to store the data
  • A mapping tag to let uCommerce know that a particular DLLs contains maps

For complete tutorial, refer this doc – How to add custom data in uCommerce

After saving the data in the database, the next step is to create the UI, i.e. the grid.

Here is a sample code to create a grid in uCommerce – 

 $(function ()
 "bPaginate": false,
 "bFilter": false,
 "bSort": false
<div class="propertyPane">.. Add the headers .. Add the data bindings
<table id="sampleTable" class="dataList" style="width:100%;vertical-align:top;">

uCommerce is using Datatables plug-in for jQuery for its UI. Click here for more info




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