How to Add a Container in Google Tag Manager

Add a Container in Google Tag Manager

  1. Open Google Tag Manager and login. You will see the the Accounts screen with a list of all existing GTM containers.

2. To create/add a new container, click the three dots on the right – next to the settings icon as below

3. Click on Create Container and you will see the below screen

Note: In order to Create a Container, you need to have permission for it. Please ask the account admin, if you don’t have it

4. Add the container name, e.g. and select the Target Platform, e.g. Web. Click Create and your container is ready.

5. Once you click Create, you will see the below screen with all the container settings (Tags, Variables, Triggers, etc.) along with the GoogleTagManagerID (marked in red) on the right.

6. Click the GoogleTagManagerID and you will see the popup with GTM script that you need to add to your site.

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