How to replace space with underscore in an xml file using Notepad++

It is very easy to achieve this using a regex expression. Suppose we have below in an xml file and we want to replace the space inside DisplayName node with underscore.

Sample xml –

<User id="11068577">
	<DisplayName>Dolcese Vita</DisplayName>
	<Address>Texas, US</Address>
  1. Open Notepad++
  2. Click Ctrl+H to open replace dialog box
  3. Add below in Find What:

4. Add below in Replace with:


5. Result –

<User id="11068577">
	<Address>Texas, US</Address>

Convert PHP script to JavaScript

Convert PHP script to JavaScript

  • Add the “base-reality/php-to-javascript”: “>=0.0.3” to your project’s composer.json file:

    “require”:{ “base-reality/php-to-javascript”: “0.1.16” }

    Or the latest tagged version. The dev master should only be used for development, not production.\
  • Include the Composer SPL autoload file in your project: require_once(‘../vendor/autoload.php’);

    Call the converter:
 $phpToJavascript = new PHPToJavascript\PHPToJavascript();
   $phpToJavascript->addFromFile($inputFilename); $jsOutput =

$jsOutput will now contain an auto-generated Javascript version of the PHP source file.

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